It is time to resurrect this old blog. It is a new year, and our God is a God of new things. He enjoys creating and re-creating things anew. He created us and brought us into the world. When he saves us, he makes us into new creations. As his sons and daughters, we should be in the same business, so to speak.
Today is the first day of my second semester Biblical Hebrew course. It is a January course, so we will go every day for thirteen days.
In today’s class we be introducing ourselves to one another, making sentences of the this is that variety, telling where things are located using prepositional phrases, asking simple yes/no questions, and making simple sentences using participles. All of these things are review from the first semester.
We will spend the last hour or so of class today learning how to listen to and carry out a simple command. You know, if that’s what learning Biblical Hebrew is all about, then maybe we should learn Hebrew from the Lord!
Shalom lekha.